Parking Map

We offer convenient parking for Coors Field.

Simply click on the map below for location details like address, hours and rates. Best yet, your parking is guaranteed when you purchase in advance through this site, so you can focus on enjoying the game instead of worrying about finding a parking spot!

Parking Locations

01 1119 N Florida Ave,Tampa FL
04 905 N Marion St,Tampa FL
100 M St SE-Car pickup must be within 1 hour of game end!- Lot 832 100 M St SE,Washington DC
1000 Hennepin Ave South 1000 Hennepin Ave South,Minneapolis MN
1015 Half St SE-Printed Reservation Required!- Lot 846 1015 Half St SE,Washington DC
103 Mangum St. 441 Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW,Atlanta GA
1030 Holmes 1030 Holmes Street,Kansas City MO
11 S. Eutaw Street Garage 11 S. Eutaw St,Baltimore MD
110 Pearl St NW 110 Pearl St NW,Grand Rapids MI
1100 Irving Park Road 1100 Irving Park Road,Chicago IL
1100 W Addison 1100 W Addison,Chicago IL
1130 Holmes 1130 Holmes Street,Kansas City MO
115 S. Cincinnati Ave. 115 S Cincinnati Ave,Tulsa OK
1211 Walnut 1211 Walnut Street,Kansas City MO
125 Lincoln Street 84 Beech St,Boston MA
1251 Broadway 52 W 31st St,New York NY
1255 S State St 10 E 13th St,Chicago IL
127 International 127 Andrew Young Blvd,Atlanta GA
1271 Boylston St 1271 Boylston St,Boston MA
130 Lyon Street NW 130 Lyon Street NW,Grand Rapids MI
1301 Boylston 1301 Boylston St,Boston MA
1330 Boylston - Jersey St Entrance 1330 Boylston St,Boston MA
134 Forsyth Street 134 Forsyth Street SW,Atlanta GA
135 Forsyth Street
14 874 N. Tampa St.,Tampa FL
1401 Oak Street 1401 Oak Street,Kansas City MO
1402 Commerce 1402 Commerce Street,Houston TX
147 5th Ave N 147 5th Ave North,Nashville TN
149 7th 149 7th Ave North,Nashville TN
149 Broadway 149 Broadway,Cincinnati OH
15 Wall St 15 Wall Street,Atlanta GA
1501 Franklin 1501 Franklin Street,Houston TX
1520 Franklin Street 1520 Franklin Street,Houston TX
16 248 N Jefferson St,Tampa FL
16 Kilmarnock St 16 Kilmarnock St,Boston MA
161 E Chicago 161 E Chicago Ave,Chicago IL
164 Northside Dr
166 2nd Ave Valet 166 2nd Ave Valet,Nashville LA
17 Baker 17 Baker Street NW,Atlanta GA
173 7th 173 7th Ave North,Nashville TN
19 863 N Jackson St ,Tampa FL
20 Monroe Live 11 Ottawa Ave NW,Grand Rapids MI
20 Museum Road 20 Museum Rd,Boston MA
200 Queens Quay West Garage
2001 S Michigan Ave 2001 S Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
21 540 E Washington St ,Tampa FL
210 and 310 Commerce Street 310 Commerce Street,Nashville TN
218 Peachtree 218 Peachtree Street NW,Atlanta GA
22 702 E Whiting St ,Tampa FL
23 764 E. Washington St.,Tampa FL
233 Weybosset Street 233 Weybosset St,Providence RI
24 902 E. Whiting St.,Tampa FL
25 133 S Jefferson St ,Tampa FL
25 North Michigan Ave 25 North Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
27 194 S Florida Ave,Tampa FL
28 K St SE- Lot 869 (Enter on L and show printed reservation) 28 K St SE,Washington DC
295 Broadway 295 Broadway,Cincinnati OH
30 153 S Franklin St,Tampa FL
30 Peabody St 30 Peabody Street,Nashville TN
30 W 32nd St 1250 Broadway,New York NY
300 M St SE- Lot 818 300 M St SE,Washington DC
300 W. 6th Street Garage 300 West 6th St,Austin TX
305 Ted Turner 305 Ted Turner Drive NW,Atlanta GA
31 562 E Washington St ,Tampa FL
32 509 E Whiting St,Tampa FL
3224 N Halsted Garage 3224 N Halsted,Chicago IL
325 South Michigan Ave 325 South Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
34 601 E. Jackson St.,Tampa FL
3450 N Lake Shore Dr 3450 N Lake Shore Dr,Chicago IL
363 W 34th St Entrance 323 W 34th St,New York NY
371 7th Ave 371 7th Ave,New York NY
401 Biscayne Blvd 401 Biscayne Blvd,Miami FL
401 Park Drive 401 Park Dr,Boston MA
405 W. Lombard Street Garage 405 W. Lombard St,Baltimore MD
422 E 9th St 422 E 9th St,Charlotte NC
441 E Pete Rose Way 441 E Pete Rose Way,Cincinnati OH
49 Lansdowne St 49 Lansdowne St,Boston MA
4th & Commerce 147 4th Ave N,Nashville TN
5 S Columbus Dr 5 S Columbus Dr,Chicago IL
5 S Columbus Dr (Lakeside) 5 S Columbus Dr,Chicago IL
50 South Sixth Parking Garage 50 South 6th St,Minneapolis MN
500 D St 500 D St,Boston MA
501 Congress Garage 112 E. 5th St,Austin TX
55 Jersey Street- Fenway Parking 55 Yawkey Way,Boston MA
55 M St SE: Enter on Cushing- Lot 735 55 M St SE,Washington DC
555 W. 57th St. 555 W 57th Street,New York NY
600 Grant St 600 Grant St,Pittsburgh PA
600 McNinch Street 600 McNinch Street,Charlotte NC
601 E 11th 601 E 11th St,Kansas City MO
604 S Cedar St 604 S Cedar St,Charlotte NC
607 McNinch Street 607 McNinch Street,Charlotte NC
61 Richard B Ross Way 61 Richard B Ross Way,Boston MA
7-11 W. 28th St.
701 North 7th 701 North 7th Street,St. Louis MO
722 W Pete Rose Way 722 W Pete Rose Way,Cincinnati OH
76 Forsyth Street Garage 76 Forsyth Street SW,Atlanta GA
7Rio Garage 615 W. 7th St.,Austin TX
8 (Colyer)
80 Ionia Ave NW - entrance at 69 Division St 80 Ionia Ave Nw,Grand Rapids MI
800 Marquette Ave 800 Marquette Ave,Minneapolis MN
800 S Wells 800 S Wells St,Chicago IL
811 LaSalle Ave 800 LaSalle Ave,Minneapolis MN
8th Street
9 Lea Ave 9 Lea Ave,Nashville TN
9 West 31st Street 9 West 31st Street,New York NY
900 Marquette Ave 900 Marquette Ave,Minneapolis MN
98 Cone Street 98 Cone Street NW,Atlanta GA
99 M St SE- Lot 690 99 M St SE,Washington DC
99 S. Howard Street Garage 99 S. Howard St,Baltimore MD
ADA Accessible Parking
Adler Surface Lot 1362 South Linn White Drive,Chicago IL
Air Canada Centre 40 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2, Canada,Toronto ON
AJC Lot 115 Centennial Olympic Drive,Atlanta GA
All Township Locations
Amalie Arena 401 Channelside Drive,Tampa FL
American Airlines Arena 601 Biscayne Blvd,Miami FL
Amway Center 400 W Church Street,Orlando FL
Aquarium Garage 225 Baker Street NW,Atlanta GA
Arena District, Columbus, OH 375 N Front St,Columbus OH
Arena Garage
Arena Ramp N 3790 Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Arvest Theater 1228 Main Street,Kansas City MO
Ascend Amphitheater 301 1st Ave South,Nashville TN
Atlanta Underground 95 M.L.K Jr Dr NW,Atlanta GA
Austin City Limits 310 Willie Nelson Blvd,Austin TX
B - Bay Street
Baker Donelson 211 Commerce St,Nashville TN
Baltimore Convention Center 1 W Pratt Street,Baltimore MD
Bank of America Stadium (Premier Parking) 800 S Mint St,Charlotte NC
Baseball Lot-1101 S Capitol St SW- Lot 835 1101 S Capitol St SW,Washington DC
Bat 1 1401 Prairie St ,Houston TX
Bell 1 1330 Walnut Street,Denver CO
Bell 2 1301 Larimer Street,Denver CO
Blake Street Lot - Joe 1501 Blake Street,Denver CO
Block 28 1509 Congress,Houston TX
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 290 Northern Ave,Boston MA
Blue Lot 271 Northside Dr NW,Atlanta GA
Boston Opera House 539 Washington St,Boston MA
Bus and Limo Parking Wait List
C - Central Business District
C - Front St. Garage
C and N
Camping World Stadium - CWKO 1610 W Church St,Orlando FL
Carter and Rio (Shuttle)
Carter Street
Castleberry Point Lofts 310 Chapel Street SW,Atlanta GA
Cathedral 131 Rosa L Parks Blvd,Nasvhille TN
CC Lot Cornell University,Ithaca NY
Centennial Deck 131 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW,Atlanta GA
Century Plaza Garage 2836 N Clark St,Chicago IL
Charlotte Motor Speedway 5555 Concord Parkway South,Concord NC
City Center Garage 10 7th Street South,Minneapolis MN
City Hall Plaza 1 City Hall Square,Boston MA
City Plaza 193 Pryor St SW,Atlanta GA
City Winery 80 Beverly St.,Boston MA
Civic Theater 30 Division Ave N,Grand Rapids MI
CNN Deck 30 Ted Turner Drive NW,Atlanta GA
College of Fine Arts/ Texas Performing Arts 2305 Trinity St ,Austin TX
Convention Garage 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Cornell University Cornell University,Ithaca NY
Corner of Library and Division 9-17 Library St NE,Grand Rapids MI
Courthouse Garage (6'7'' Clearance) 101 Magnolia Avenue,Long Beach CA
CU Boulder Campus 1,Boulder CO
Demo Lot 603 W 6th St,Austin TX
Devos Performance Hall 303 Monroe Ave NW,Grand Rapids MI
Dome 2 505 Mitchell Street SW,Atlanta GA
Dome Lot
E - Vine Lot
East Museum Surface Lot 500-562 Museum Campus Drive,Chicago IL
Entrance on E 9th St 1001 S State St,Chicago IL
Entrance on Market Ave SW 90 Market Ave,Grand Rapids MI
Event Garage A 3730 Las Vegas Fwy,Las Vegas NV
Express Live 405 Neil Ave,Columbus OH
F - FBI Lot
Family Friendly Surface Lot 1410 S Museum Campus Dr,Chicago IL
Family Housing Garage 251 10th Street NW,Atlanta GA
FBC North Lot Parking 205 East 4th St.,Tulsa OK
FD - Fullerton Deck (Day)
Fenway Park 4 Yawkey Way,Boston MA
FN - Fullerton Deck (Night)
Frank Erwin Center 1701 Red River Street,Austin TX
Frost Tower Garage 401 Congress Ave,Austin TX
G - Grove Street
Garage P 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Georgia Bar Association Garage 104 Marietta Street NW,Atlanta GA
Georgia World Congress Center 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW,Atlanta GA
Gold Deck 127 Northside Drive,Atlanta GA
Government Center Garage 50 Sudbury St,Boston MA
Gray Street NW
Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave,Los Angeles CA
Greek Theatre Mercedes-Benz 2700 N Vermont Ave,Los Angeles CA
Green 5 220 Mulberry St,Newark NJ
Green 7 299 Mulberry St,Newark NJ
Green Deck 392 Gray St NW,Atlanta GA
Greenway Self Park 60 West Kinzie St,Chicago IL
H - The Brodbelt Lot
Halsted Flats 3740 N Halsted St,Chicago IL
Hayes Lot 217 2nd Ave South,Nashville TN
Health Center Garage 1601 Trinity St,Austin TX
Hennepin Theatre Trust 615 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 140,Minneapolis MN
House of Blues - Boston 15 Lansdowne St,Boston MA
House of Blues - Chicago 329 N Dearborn St,Chicago IL
I Deck 101 Marietta St NW,Atlanta GA
J - Arena Crossing Garage
J Deck 250 Williams St NW,Atlanta GA
Jones High School
Joy Theater 1200 Canal St ,New Orleans LA
Jung Lot 1417 Cleveland Ave,New Orleans LA
K - Neil Ave. Garage
Kline Lot 1109 East 6th St,Austin TX
L53 1000 N. Macinnes Pl.,Tampa FL
L60 3478-3498 W. Tampa Bay Blvd,Tampa FL
L61 3423 W Dewey St,Tampa FL
L62 3411 W Columbus Dr,Tampa FL
Lake Lorna Doone
Laurel Place
Levy Lot
Lloyd Road Parking Plaza
Long Beach - Beach Front 2301 S Prairie Ave,Chicago IL
Lookingglass Theatre 821 N Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
Lot 1
Lot 1 - 300 Wyandotte Garage 300 Wyandotte Street,Kansas City MO
Lot 10 (ADA)
Lot 11
Lot 12 (Long)
Lot 18 150 Forsyth St SW,Atlanta GA
Lot 3 - 11th and Oak Garage 1120 Oak Street,Kansas City MO
Lot 36 175 Peachtree Street SW,Atlanta GA
Lot 5
Lot 6
Lot 6 - Auditorium Plaza Garage 1220 Wyandotte Street,Kansas City MO
Lot 7
Lot 8 - Arts District Garage 1621 Broadway,Kansas City MO
Lot 9
Lot 9 - KC Live Garage 151 E. 13th Street,Kansas City MO
Lot 95 1201 Walker Street,Houston TX
Lot A 2301 S Prairie Ave,Chicago IL
Lot A
Lot A - Gulch 1 Centennial Olympic Park Dr SW,Atlanta GA
Lot A Parking 11 W. 2nd St.,Tulsa OK
Lot B Philips Drive,Atlanta GA
Lot B at 31st Street and Moe Drive E 31st St and Moe Dr,Chicago IL
Lot C
Lot C 2301 S Lake Shore Dr,Chicago IL
Lot C
Lot D 108 Ted Turner Drive NW,Atlanta GA
Lot D Parking 11 W. 1st St.,Tulsa OK
Lot E
Lot F 104 Ted Turner Dr SW,Atlanta GA
Lot G 360 Marietta St NW,Atlanta GA
Lot G
Lot G
Lot H 130 Luckie Street,Atlanta GA
Lot H
Lot J
Lot K 72 W Mangum Street,Atlanta GA
Lot K
Lot L 248 Trinity Ave SW,Atlnata GA
Lot L
Lot M 495 Magnolia Street NW,Atlanta GA
Lot M
Lot P 61 Elliot Street SW,Atlanta GA
Lot R 73 Elliott Street SW,Atlanta GA
Lot U 702 Elliott St,Atlanta GA
Lots A, B & H
Madison Square Garden 4 Pennsylvania Plaza,New York NY
Main Garage 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Mandalay Bay Events Center 3950 Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Marconi Garage (I - Cinema Garage)
Marshaling Yards 31st St and Moe Dr,Chicago IL
Marshalling Yard Magnum St NW,Atlanta GA
Marshalling Yard 4 - Cars Magnum St NW,Atlanta GA
Massport Parking Lots Massport,Boston MA
McCamish 170-174 10th St NW,Atlanta GA
McCamish Pavilion McCamish Pavilion,Atlanta GA
McConnell Garage (A - McConnell Garage) 355 John H McConnell Blvd,Columbus OH
McCormick Place 2301 S King Dr,Chicago IL
McKendree Garage 140 6th Ave. North,Nashville TN
Mercedes-Benz Lot
Mercedes-Benz Lot - Public
Mercedes-Benz Stadium 441 Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW,Atlanta GA
Metered Spaces 31st St and Lake Shore Dr,Chicago IL
Miller on 7th 1000 E. 7th St,Austin TX
Minute Maid Park 501 Crawford Street,Houston TX
Montclair 205 Claremont Ave,Montclair NJ
Montclair Heights
MTA Garage 400 Charlotte Ave,Nashville TN
N - Night Permit
Nationals Park 1500 South Capitol St. SE,Washington DC
Nationwide Arena 80 Ionia Ave Nw,Grand Rapids MI
Nelson St. 395 Nelson Street SW,Atlanta GA
North Deck Lot 352 Peachtree Place NW,Atlanta GA
North Garage Parking Garage 1410 Museum Campus Drive,Chicago IL
Northerly Island 1300 S Linn White Dr,Chicago IL
Novel Riverwalk Garage 109 West Fortune St ,Tampa FL
Offsite Location (Pony Ride Train Lot) 4310 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Okeefe 170-174 10th St NW,Atlanta GA
On-Street Parking 960 Fowler Street NW,Atlanta GA
On-Street Parking - Elm St
On-Street Parking - Forest St
On-Street Parking - Mission St
On-Street Parking - N. Fullerton
On-Street Parking - New St
On-Street Parking - Orange Rd
On-Street Parking - Pine Street
On-Street Parking - Prospect
On-Street Parking - S. Fullerton
On-Street Parking - St Luke's Place
On-Street Parking - Talbot
On-Street Parking - The Crescent
On-Street Parking - Trinity Place
On-Street Parking - Union Street
On-Street Parking - William St
One H and R Block Way One H and R Block Way,Kansas City MO
One Nashville Place 158 4th Ave N,Nashville TN
PAC Lot F Parking 216 S. Cincinnati Ave,Tulsa OK
Park Place Tower 655 W Irving Park Rd,Chicago IL
Park Theater 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
Parking Deck Presented by Ford (Yellow 10) 15 Lafayette St,Newark NJ
Parking Garage entrance on S Michigan 2101 S Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
Paul Brown Stadium 1 Paul Brown Stadium,Cincinnati OH
Pepsi Center 1000 Chopper Cir,Denver CO
Philips Drive 1 Philips Drive,Atlanta GA
Players Lot
Plymouth Garage Parking 517 Hennepin Ave,Minneapolis MN
Poe Garage 802 North Ashley,Tampa FL
PPG Paints Arena 1001 Fifth Ave,Pittsburgh PA
Providence Performing Arts Center 220 Weybosset St,Providence RI
Prudential Center 25 Lafayette St,Newark NJ
Public Spaces in New York Garage 3660 North Lake Shore Drive,Chicago IL
Public Square Garage 350 Deaderick St,Nashville TN
Quick Park
R - Hocking Lot
Ramp 41
Raymond James Stadium 4201 N Dale Mabry Hwy,Tampa FL
RBC Plaza Garage 43 5th Street ,Minneapolis MN
Red Deck 103 Mangum Street SW,Atlanta GA
RG Zone (Lot 436 and 491)
Rivergate Tower 400 N Ashley Dr,Tampa FL
Royal Regional 1240 N Tampa St,Tampa FL
Ryman Auditorium 116 5th Ave N,Nashville TN
Ryman Auditorium (Premier Parking) 116 5th Ave N,Nashville TN
S - 600 W. Nationwide Lot
S - South End
Saenger Theatre 1111 Canal St,New Orleans LA
Security Lot
Self Park entrance on Arlington St 132 Arlington St,Boston MA
Sherman Street West
Silver Deck Andrew Young International Blvd NW,Atlanta GA
SoBro Tower Garage 205 Demonbreun St,Nashville TN
Soldier Field 1410 Museum Campus Dr,Chicago IL
South Garage Parking 20 East 2nd Street,Tulsa OK
South Lot Surface Lot 1410 S Museum Campus Dr,Chicago IL
Southcore Financial Center 120 Bremner Blvd,Toronto ON
Sprint Center 1407 Grand Boulevard,Kansas City MO
Straz Center 1010 N Macinnes Pl,Tampa FL
Straz Center Valet 1010 N Macinnes Pl,Tampa FL
Suntrust Financial Centre 102 S Marion St,Tampa FL
Suntrust Garage 25 W. South Street,Orlando FL
SunTrust Park 755 Battery Avenue Southeast,Atlanta GA
SunTrust Plaza 173 4th Ave North,Nashville TN
SW Facilities at 18th St Lot E 18th St,Chicago IL
SW Facilities at 24th St Lot 2400 S Moe Dr,Chicago IL
T-Mobile Arena 3780 S Las Vegas Blvd,Las Vegas NV
TAL Lot 808 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203,Nashville TN
Target Center 600 First Avenue North,Minneapolis MN
Tennessee Performing Arts Center 505 Deaderick St,Nashville TN
Terminal 5 610 W 56th St,New York NY
The Dome at America's Center (SP+) 701 Convention Plaza,St. Louis MO
The Vic Garage 3130 N Sheffield,Chicago IL
The Wang Center 270 Tremont St,Boston MA
Tim Flock Campground
Tomahawk Parking 2629 Cobb Parkway,Smyrna GA
Trinity Garage 1815 Trinity St ,Austin TX
Trinity Lot 400 East 8th St,Austin TX
Tulsa Performing Arts Center 110 E 2nd Street,Tulsa OK
U - Upper Montclair
U - Upper Montclair Non-Train Station
UNC Charlotte Center City 320 E 9th St,Charlotte NC
UNCC Events 9201 University City Blvd,Charlotte NC
Upper Peters Deck
UT General Campus Permit
Valet Garage entrance on S Michigan Ave 1130 S. Michigan Ave,Chicago IL
W - Fairfield Parking Plaza
W - Walnut Street
W - Watchung
W - Watchung - Non-Train Station
Waldron Deck Parking Garage 1410 S Museum Campus Dr,Chicago IL
Washington Ave 1101 Washington Ave,St. Louis MO
West Deck Barnhardt Ln,Charlotte NC
Wrigley Field 1060 West Addison Street,Chicago IL
WV Zone (Lots 622 and 623)
Yellow 13 89 Lafayette St,Newark NJ
Yellow 2 - Gateway III Garage Gateway Parking, 267 Market St,Newark NJ
Yellow Lot 450 Gray Street NW,Atlanta GA